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Here at Tails Me About It we offer a wide variety of pet products for all your needs. We have dog clothing, dog collars, and more. We also have many different size dog beds, Hibernating Hound Sacks, so your fur baby can stay warm in winter. I opened my website, back in 2008 after I realized how difficult it was to find comfortable and form fitting clothes for my Italian Greyhounds. I also found that collars were an issue because of their small necks and ease of backing out from your basic collars. This inspired me to work on making my own clothing and collars for them. I have been sewing since I was a little girl and decided, why not use those skills to create beautiful and unique clothing and accessories for my dogs. Once I started, I never stopped. I then opened up my own website so I could share my creations with other dog lovers.
Once I got started, I found that ideas started flowing quicker than I could wrap my mind around it. I enjoy finding beautiful fabrics to work with, coming up with new ideas for putting items together, and most of all, I love working with people to customize their dog's clothing.
Having a breed of dog that can easily get cold, making them their own pajamas was the best way to make them comfortable during the winter months. Now I enjoy doing the same for other dog owners that want to warm up their furry friend when it is cold out. I do a lot of custom work as no two dogs are the same. I can customize pajamas for small breeds to large breeds with a few simple measurements.
The best part of all of this is that I get to work from home and still spend time with my wonderful son and family and snuggle close to my fur babies as well. What could be better than that?
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My main inspirations, Mia and Giove :)

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Thank you for your interest in our dog clothing and collars. We are a HANDMADE TO ORDER shop. Every order placed with us is made specifically for you after your purchase has been made. We take custom orders as well based off of your pet's measurements. We do carry READY TO SHIP items that ship within a day of purchase. Please browse around and let us know if you have any questions :)